Cultural Waves Uganda community Center provides the following four services: ICT access, a library facility, an entrepreneurship facility, and mentorship opportunities. The ICT center at Kankobe is up and running and currently equipped with eight functional computers donated by well-wishers. The centre empowers pupils with an enabling environment where they can study and do their homework by providing a library stocked with relevant resources. The rural youth especially the young girls are very talented, but cannot not perform well in school due to the challenges they face at their respective homes. Most families live on fishing for survival and it’s the only activity they encourage their children to engage in not school.

Most of the students spend a better part of their school days at home due to lack of school fees. By providing a place where they can study, Cultural Waves Uganda will improve their performance. Our aim is not to open a mainstream educational center but provide them with a conducive place to do their private studies and offer appropriate learning materials for the same. The digital library project is also very actively running.

Other than the numerous challenges young people face and need mentorship on, the youths and children are greatly talented in extra-curricular activities which include artwork and acting, but they do not have access to people who can challenge, encourage, mentor and help them develop these talents. At the centre, we employ mostly a peer-to-peer mentorship process, share our networks in the creative ICT field and encourage each other to use their talents to have sustainable livelihoods. The center provides a place where youth in different fields can meet and discuss how to pool their resources in order to grow. The additional effect of this, they get encouraged to read or practice their talent by seeing their older siblings reading, doing homework, using computers or practicing their different art talents. A reading culture will therefore be introduced to them from an early age.

In addition to the four main services provided, The Cultural Waves Community Centre facilitates and teach practical entrepreneurial skills such as communication skills through use of blogs, podcasts, twitter Facebook, website designing and photography to unemployed women and youths of Masaka District to gain a sustainable livelihood and also be able to join the competitive job market.

Cultural Waves employs local rural young women to manage the telecentre and provides computer-training courses on CD-ROM. So far the rural young women have been using the telecentre primarily to communicate with other entrepreneurs, which are helping to raise awareness of common issues among the agricultural community. They are learning about best practices and how to record accounting information for their local businesses. Cultural waves Uganda also seeks to provide the disabled young women and girls in rural Masaka with meaningful access to telecommunications facilities and through telecommunications facilities, to enable them to access public services, information, educational and employment opportunities.

Through this, we have been able to empower women and youths who have created employment to more than 43 youths in different areas.