Cultural Waves Digital Library Program has promoted innovative collaboration and teaching through the strategic digitization of Library documents and the open access publication of new digital disability information resources

This Program has enabled the increase in responses to increasing demand for the reading culture which has been ignored at all, mainly especially the disabled denying them access to school ,and other educative information, hence keeping them out of the reading culture. It has managed to bring together disabled children in the community and being able to echo their views out and also interact with the available resources which have been denied to them. Through this program young boys and girls between the ages of 6 to 11 years have been able to interact with different educational materials thus giving them hope and their dreams alive. The young children have also been able to share experiences

about their lives through the use of the digital library. It has also enabled the creation of child educational groups that will assist in the education/information sharing through sharing of stories.

Making Waves in Uganda! :